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the mayer family association's purpose is to encourage interest in family history, genealogy, traditions and customs relating to the the descendants of oscar f. mayer and gottfried f. mayer. 燤embership in the association is open to every descendant (including adopted children) old pictureof oscar f. mayer and gottfried f. mayer, and the spouses of such descendants.

on this web site you will find information concerning the association and the mayer family. 燭here is a family directory which you may use to obtain addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for family members. ?/p>

there is a family genealogy section where you will find a family tree which you can consult when necessary to determine your relationship to any of your extended family members.牋 [the family tree opens as an adobe pdf and is initially very small. be sure to zoom in to 400% or larger and then use the scroll bar to move through the entire document.]牋in this section there is also a geneology report showing additional family geneology information in narrative form. 燗nd you can also request an individual kinship report showing your relationship to every other family member. ?span class="style8">please let us know if there are any additions or corrections to any of these documents.

there>please let us know if there are any additions or corrections to any of these documents.

there is a page describing the history of the oscar mayer company.

there is a section devoted to preserving family heritage. we hope to gather here biographical information concerning deceased family members, favorite family anecdotes, and other tidbits of family history. 營n this section, there is biographical information concerning certain deceased family members.牋we are hopeful that family members will contribute information, stories and other information for this section.

there is a section devoted to current happenings within the family. 燬end us your photos, video clips and items of family news, and we will post them to share with the family.

favorite recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation are a part of every family's tradition and heritage. so you will find a section that contains such recipes. 燬end us you favorite recipes and we will post them on the web site.

you will find information concerning the next family reunion, scheduled for august 2018. 燭his will continue to be updated as the reunion approaches.

we hope to make this website a useful tool for the family. in order to do so, we need to hear from you. tell us what you would lilke to see on the site, and most importantly, what you might contribute by way of content to the site. the mayer family is rich in history and tradition, and this site can be an important part of preserving the mayer heritage.

mayer family association
© 2006 mayer family association. all rights reserved

© 2006 mayer family association. all rights reserved